The CSS Profile often asks for your religious affiliation or religious denomination. This is a supplemental question (SQ-316) and therefore is only required by some schools. In particular, schools will use your answer to determine your eligibility for private donor scholarships (i.e. scholarships that are awarded to students of a certain religious affiliation).You should also keep in mind that going to a school which has a religious affiliation that coincides with yours can also be beneficial when being awarded financial aid. There are many private scholarships out there for students of a particular religious affiliation that are considering a school with the same affiliation. While you wouldn’t want to apply to a school just because you might get some “religious affiliation financial aid,” there are some great schools out there that you might want to consider. Some of the best are listed below:

School Name Religious affiliation
Baylor University Baptist
Pepperdine University Church of Christ
Brigham Young University–Provo Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Duke University Methodist
Emory University Methodist
University of Tulsa Presbyterian
University of Notre Dame Roman Catholic
Fordham University Roman Catholic
St. Louis University Roman Catholic
Georgetown University Roman Catholic (Jesuit)
Boston College Roman Catholic (Jesuit)
Marquette University Roman Catholic (Jesuit)
Southern Methodist University United Methodist
American University United Methodist

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