There are various factors taken into account to determine if you may receive financial aid.  Making sure you have fulfilled the financial aid requirements will ensure that you are eligible for the amount of financial aid you need.

Here are a few financial aid requirements to consider:

  • Must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Must demonstrate financial aid need
  • Have a high school diploma, GED (General Education Development) certificate or pass a US Department of Education approved test, etc.
  • Must sign an educational statement (the FAFSA, for example)
  • Must have a Social Security number that is legitimate
  • Must maintain adequate academic progress according to the designated terms of the educational institution
  • Cannot be indebted with a federal student grant or federal student loan
  • Confirm that you will use the federal student aid for academic purposes only

These are just a few guidelines that financial aid organizations look at to determine whether or not you are eligible.  If you can certify that all of the requirements on this checklist apply to you, then you should have no worries about obtaining the amount of aid you need.

faThere are various kinds of financial aid, like federal, state, institutional and private.  Reading up on these different financial aid options will help you to better understand the process of obtaining aid, as well as the financial aid requirements that each entails.

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