As senior year approaches for high school students, and even more so as the year begins to wind down, financial aid solicitors begin gearing up to mail out countless brochures offering their services to assist students in navigating the financial aid process. While understanding all the requirements of the financial aid process is highly important in obtaining as much aid as possible, it is just as important to make sure that the help you are getting as a student or as a parent of a student is legitimate and not a scam. Remember that getting help is definitely a viable option that should be taken into consideration, especially if you are feeling confused or overwhelmed with all of the paperwork and deadlines.

Beware of any lines that sound overly-persuasive or too good to be true because the likelihood is that they probably are. Do not be fooled by emails or invitations you receive telling you about limited time only financial aid consultant interviews or free seminars. Also, be sure to avoid any additional requests for credit card or personal financial information. These services are often just sales pitches to get you to sign up for fee-based financial aid programs that may not be so legitimate. Remember that you do not have to pay for any of this information; information about financial aid is always available to you.

Be especially cautious of companies that use names that associate them with the federal government, but require payment for their services in helping you get federal services, such as grants. Any financial aid companies that require that you come in for an interview to determine whether or not you are eligible for financial aid is also something to look out for. Every US citizen is eligible for some sort of financial assistance, and it does not cost money determine your eligibility for specific programs.

If you feel that you need financial assistance, do not hesitate to search for help. Simply be aware of the fraudulent companies and exaggerated offers that are out there. Hiring a financial aid consultant or speaking to a financial aid advisor are both excellent resources to utilize when you are in search of guidance through this somewhat strenuous process. As long as you are informed, you should have no problem finding the adequate help you need to earn you as much financial assistance as possible.

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