So you are just out of school, and given the current economy, you cannot find a job (let alone the job of your dreams) or you are just about finished with school (and aren't quit sure what your next move should be). Why not consider graduate school? There are many reasons to consider graduate school. One of the many reasons people go back to school at any age or stage of their career is to gain more skills. An increase in skills and abilities will increase your marketability. Employers value employees with diverse and interesting academic backgrounds. Numerous studies show that the higher the education you receive the more likely you are to receive a higher salary. Those who take the time to attend school and earn higher degrees will almost always make more in their lifetime than those who do not attend school. Higher education is more likely to lower your chances of unemployment. Do not let the fact that graduate school can be expensive stop you from achieving your goals. Through federal loans and scholarships, there are countless financial aid resources. If upon finishing undergraduate work, you are unsure of exactly what type of career you want, graduate school may also open a whole new field of opportunities--opportunities that you otherwise may have never considered. In the long run, spending the money on school will pay off, not to mention the countless references and people you will meet to help you network. If you are still unsure, talk to current graduate students and alumni. Ask for their input. Attend some information sessions at some local graduate schools to get an idea of what it is all about.

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