If you are thinking about attending graduate school, you are probably aware of the high costs of attending college and you are possibly even making student loan payments. Today, almost every job requires a four year college degree. A master's degree will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge. The added bonus? It will stand out on a resume and maybe even give you the edge you need to get the job you really want.

Before you add to the massive stack of student loans you already have, stop and think about ways that may just cut the cost of the money you will be borrowing for graduate school down.

Are you employed? Many employers offer tuition assistance and tuition reimbursement programs for their employees. Especially if you are further your education to get ahead with your current company, your employer may even cover the entire cost of your education (normally minus miscellaneous fees and books). However, you can't argue with an entire degree that may only cost you books and a few random fees. Go scholarship hunting again. Just like in your undergraduate days, scholarships are very appealing forms of financial aid. Why? Because you do not have to pay them back!

Explore your loan options. The federal government should be able to provide you with low interest loans to help aid in your dreams of obtaining a graduate degree. Explore: Stafford loans, Graduate PLUS loans, and possibly even Private Loans. 

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