If you’ve dreamed of serving your country or are considering the possibility, that does not mean college is out of the question. Joining the ROTC, National Guard, or enlisting in active duty come with the added bonuses of the pride of serving one’s country and a means of financing your college education. Education can be the stepping stone to a successful career in or outside of the military. Aid may be available for active duty members in the US Armed Forces, reservists, members of the National Guard, veterans and spouses/family members of all of the above.

Military members are also eligible to apply for non-military financial aid such as Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, and private scholarships.

Other options available include:

The Montgomery GI Bill- which provides a cash education incentive to encourage individuals to join and serve a tour of duty. To qualify for the GI Bill, recruits must agree to have $100 deducted from their pay monthly. These payments are eventually given back to soldiers in the form of their GI Bill benefits. These benefits can be used to pay for college, technical school, business or vocational courses, apprenticeships, or flight training.

Armed Forces Tuition Assistance- allows enlisted soldiers to enroll in courses at college, universities, junior colleges, technical schools, and high schools. Tuition assistance will cover up to 100% the cost of courses with an annual limit of $4,500.

Community College of the Air Force- is an Associate’s degree program available for enlisted men and women. The Air Force pays up to 100% of costs.

College Funds- All branches of the US Armed Forces has extra money to provide to it’s service men and women. These funds are awarded on a competitive basis, based on academic merit and one must also agree to six years of service to qualify. Also available are ROTC scholarships, Student Loan Repayment Programs, Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges, and US Service Academies.

Contact the branch of the Armed Services you are interested in to learn more about the opportunities available.

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