You probably wouldn’t normally associate MTV with financial aid help.  However, it might be time to start.  MTV is teaming up with the College Board, the nonprofit administrator of the SAT’s, to increase rates of college completion.

On September 16, 2010, the two well-known organizations announced their “Get Schooled College Affordability Challenge,” with the help of Grammy-winning artist John Legend.  This challenge is being done through the “Get Schooled” campaign through Howard University, which is aimed at supporting and empowering youth and their families to help solve the problems in the US education system.  The challenge calls for students to “reimagine the financial aid process” by coming up with a plan that will help middle to low income families get through the process of obtaining financial aid.

MTV has found that problems in paying for school, especially with the rising cost of tuition, is a main reason why students do not attend school, thus decreasing their risk of obtaining a steady, well-paying career later in life.  The competition will go through December 17, and three finalists will be chosen to present their ideas to global innovation.  The winning person or team will receive $10,000.Just because the financial aid process can be tedious and very confusing does not mean it should be overlooked.  Financial aid can save you a lot of money, making college much more affordable and keeping your bank account sturdy.  There are various small things you can do to make the financial aid process easier, as well as obtaining the financial aid help you need.

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