We've reached the half way point of January and if you haven't made a New Years Resolution yet, why not make a resolution that will help you maximize your financial aid for the next school year? With the cost of college rising, it's a resolution that will provide you with a bright future! Give one these a shot and you may see dollar signs:

1. Academic Achievement. Study hard, especially when applying for scholarships. Those awarding the scholarships want to know that you take academics seriously!

2. Internships and Work Experience. Upon leaving college, you may find that internship/work experience may play a deciding factor in landing a career. Work and internships show dedication and commitment. They show you are responsible and possibly able to apply your academics to a "real world" setting. Not too mention, these opportunities are great resume builders and references.

3. Volunteerism. A number of college scholarships look for applicants who volunteer and are involved in their communities. Committees enjoy candidates who can put their skills to use helping others. Volunteering may also lead to great recommendations, scholarship essays, and they may even provide you with some insight as to possible careers.

4. Be a Leader. Whether it is in the classroom, at work, or on the playing field. Scholarship committees look for applicants who can be the leaders of the future.

5. Be Proactive. Make college more manageable financially. Do your research; see what type of aid is out there. Apply for financial aid as early as possible. Apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for.

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