With college tuition increasing again due to colleges and universities receiving less state funding, students are forced to rely more heavily upon financial aid in the form of student loans, especially from the federal government. In lieu of this raise in tuition, there is a bright side. The federal government has also expanded the programs for the Pell Grant and other loans, which will make it easier for students to receive more financial assistance.  Student loans are one of the most utilized forms of financial aid, so making them more accessible for students will be a big help to the students and their families alike during the college payment process.

However, federal aid is not always enough. When you get your FAFSA back, and see how much aid you are eligible for, it may not be quite up to par. Private loans tend to have high interest rates, and are not nearly as desired for this reason. If the financial aid you're receiving from the federal government isn't as much as you feel is necessary, don't overlook scholarships, grants and things of that sort. While applying for a numerous amount of these can be time consuming, it is well worth every second. If you don't apply, you'll never know how much of this "free financial aid" you can get.

With the changes in the US Department of Education currently underway to help make financial aid more available to people who really need it, getting federal student loans should become something well within your reach.

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