Scholarships 101: Scholarships are a great way to receive money for school just for doing something you enjoy or are good at! Here are just a few of the many types of scholarships available:

Athletic- If playing in the spotlight is your dream, the NCAA issues about $1 billion dollars in scholarships each year. Athletes in Division I and II schools can receive full or partial athletic scholarships. However, Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships. Sports scholarships are highly competitive, check out the NCAA website for details.

Academic- If you have the GPA, the book smarts, and the extracurricular activities an academic scholarship maybe in your future. Colleges may offer these scholarships without you having to even apply for them; they may also be packaged in with your financial aid.

Departmental- Thinking of going into biology, math, journalism, psychology? Check with that department at your school. A lot of schools offer scholarships to attract and retain students in a particular field of study.

Corporate- Check with your employer (if applicable) and mom or dad’s employer. A lot companies offer scholarships. A lot of these scholarships are awarded by region, making them easier to receive.

Religion- Religious organizations may award scholarships to their members. If you are actively involved with your religious group, inquire about scholarship opportunities.

High School- Ask your guidance counselor about possible scholarships your school may offer to graduating seniors.

Military- If you are thinking about joining the military, full tuition including books will be covered as a reward for your tour of duty.

**Search the internet; you will be very surprised at what you may be eligible to receive a scholarship for. For instance, a vegetarian scholarship, left handed scholarship, skateboard scholarship, milk mustache, teen chef award, etc.. You may just have a talent worth cashing in on!**

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