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College Acceptance and Financial Aid

College acceptance letters are slowly starting to trickle in.  Some of you may have already gotten a few.  As March draws to a close, more and more of these acceptances will be coming in, causing a whirlwind of anxiety for many students.  It's also a very exciting time.  But college acceptance isn't all about the "Congratulations!" letters.  Families also must be concerned with financing education.  So, as those acceptance roll in, rememeber a few things: Compare costs.  Sticker price of individual schools is just that--a sticker price.  Many higher cost schools make up for the high tuition rate by offering… Read more here!

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Early Decision/Early Action

Deadlines, deadlines!  The college application and financial aid process are chock-full of them—FAFSA, CSS Profile, etc—and one is fast approaching.  The most immediate deadline concerns your choice of college—Early Decision/Early Action.  This comes in right around the corner on November 1st.So far all you know is that this has to do with colleges applications.  Well, let’s get a better picture.  Early Decision and Early Action are college application options that over 400 schools have adopted, allowing students to apply to school earlier (in November) than they normally would.  The most important factor here is that not only do you apply… Read more here!

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