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Early Decision/Early Action

Deadlines, deadlines!  The college application and financial aid process are chock-full of them—FAFSA, CSS Profile, etc—and one is fast approaching.  The most immediate deadline concerns your choice of college—Early Decision/Early Action.  This comes in right around the corner on November 1st.So far all you know is that this has to do with colleges applications.  Well, let’s get a better picture.  Early Decision and Early Action are college application options that over 400 schools have adopted, allowing students to apply to school earlier (in November) than they normally would.  The most important factor here is that not only do you apply… Read more here!

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Admission Application

I remember gearing up to graduate high school so I could make the huge step into college. My family was extremely excited and supported me in every way. However, none of them could tell me what the admission application process for college was like because much of my family never attended college. Whether you are a first time graduate, like me, or come from a long line of college graduates, having some ideas about what to expect on your college admission application is definitely helpful. You should prepare to send in the following along with your admission application: an essay,… Read more here!

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