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What Moms Worry About When Sending Children to College

Happy Mother’s Day!  At Go Financial Aid, we are committed to sharing sound financial advice with college students and their families.  However, we do like to talk about college as a whole sometimes, and with today’s holiday, it seems like the perfect opportunity.  But where to start?  Well, it seems that all mothers have at least one thing in common: worry.  Our families do wonder about more than how to get FAFSA money, so let’s take a few minutes and talk about some of the things that moms worry about when they send their children to college. The Little Things… Read more here!

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College Tuition

Here at Go Financial Aid, we usually talk about how to receive help in affording college.  Well, let’s switch gears a bit and just talk about paying for it, period.  Financial aid is a necessity for most of us in our college years, but it’s important to make sense of education costs in a general sense as well.  This leads us to the subject of college tuition.  Tuition is the money you pay to attend courses at an educational institution.  Translation: what you pay to sit in class and learn from Drs. W, X, Y and Z.  Speaking of that,… Read more here!

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