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FAFSA and EFC Calculator

Didn't January fly by? I remember counting down New Years and looking forward to 2011. Now it's already one month in, which means we're in FAFSA season! While the FAFSA is notorious for being confusing, sites are available that provide FREE FAFSA Calculators! Here are some tips to keep in mind while filling out the forms: 1. Some programs require specific school financial aid applications. Be sure to check at all the programs you're applying for in order to maximize the amount you receive. 2. For Returning Students: Be sure to renew your FAFSA. Here are some things you'll need to renew… Read more here!

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Learning How to Apply the FAFSA to Your Financial Aid Process

When choosing your financial aid sources from all the different options out there, the FAFSA is one of the key forms you definitely do not want to overlook. This form is required by most colleges and universities to be sent in before attendance, and it is meant to provide you with federal financial assistance towards your education. After making the decision of which school you are going to attend, you should begin the financial aid process immediately. Since you will know the general cost for the school itself, you can make a rough estimate of the financial assistance needed in… Read more here!

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FAFSA Calculator

It is really important to be aware of the amount of financial aid you will be eligible to receive.  To do this, you should calculate your expected family contribution (EFC), the amount of money you and your family will be able to contribute toward your education, which will show you how much financial aid you can get. It is beneficial for you to know what to expect when you fill out the actual FAFSA form, obtaining your official EFC, as it is extremely important to avoid making errors in your responses.  Your EFC number determines your eligibility for the Federal… Read more here!

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