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FAFSA and Financial Aid: Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The FAFSA is obviously one of the most important documents you will fill out in the financial aid process. Federal aid is one of the most sought after kinds of financial assistance, and can provide you with substantial amounts of money to help pay for your education through various education loans. Filling out the actual FAFSA is also part of the process that everyone dreads the most. In fact, many people lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in financial aid that they could have been eligible to receive simply because of unknown errors made while filling out the FAFSA.… Read more here!

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Making Corrections to Your FAFSA

Already sent in your FAFSA and realized you made some mistakes?  Don’t sweat it.  We’re human; we all make mistakes, and correcting them is easier than you’d think.  Making FAFSA corrections is a common necessity, and you can do it anytime.  Using the PIN number you get with your FAFSA, you can make fix your mistakes online by electronically submitting them through the FAFSA website. If you lost your PIN or no longer remember it, you can request a duplicate.  However, if you request a duplicate or a new PIN, it takes one to three days to process the request,… Read more here!

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Common FAFSA Mistakes

If you haven't already completed your FAFSA this year, get on it! Since time is money, make sure your form is perfect! Here are some errors to avoid in order to get your application processed as quickly as possible and ensure you get your maximum financial aid award. Entering the wrong address. Make sure you enter your permanent address. Where ever you live during the school year or possibly over the summer is not considered your permanent address. Sending a copy of your income tax return along with your completed FAFSA application. It is not necessary! If for some reason… Read more here!

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