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FAFSA Deadline 2012

Whoa, can't believe it's summer already...Well, OK, maybe the 90-degree weather was a little bit of a hint. In any case, this time of the year has many students singing along with Alice Cooper the words to his infamous "School's Out."  Now you'll have that song stuck in your head (It's OK, it could be worse...like Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend.").  You're welcome. Remember, though, that just because students are on a break doesn't mean that all the serious stuff is done...yet.  There is still one major deadline drawing near: the deadline for the FAFSA.  That's right, this important financial aid deadline… Read more here!

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CSS Profile November 15th Early Decision/Early Action deadline

THE CSS PROFILE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING!  Well, at least for those of you who opted to pursue Early Decision/Early Action for you college applications.  We recently talked about Early Decision/Action applications coming due, and now that November 1st has passed, students who chose that path have other documents to put on their to-do lists.  Next on the list is the CSS profile, which is due for Early Decision/Action students on November 15th. What the heck is the CSS profile?  You could be thinking that right now.  Well, if your Early Decision school is a private college (The Profile is most… Read more here!

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Application for Financial Assistance

You’re finally headed down College Street and looking forward to what lies ahead.  Opportunities are endless—where you want to go to school, what you want to study, experiences and activities are there for the taking.  But you know you will need help getting there.  You opened your wallet and flies just emerged; it’s that empty.  The next logical step is financial assistance.  How do you get it?  Paperwork.  To receive funds for school, an application for financial assistance is required.  Let’s talk about this a bit more. 1. There are several applications to be completed for financial aid, but first… Read more here!

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CSS Profile Worksheet

The CSS Profile--perhaps an even bigger mystery than the FAFSA.  While all schools require a completed FAFSA, the  College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile is used mostly by private colleges as a financial aid supplement.  Its purpose is to determine each individual's Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  Unlike the FAFSA, the CSS Profile looks for other types of college money, and asks about sources such as home equity.  Students submitting the form are charged $9 for the application AND $16 for each copy sent.You might be thinking, "GREAT.  Now I have more applications to figure out!"  Don't sweat it.  Just like the… Read more here!

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