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The CSS PROFILE and the FAFSA: What’s the difference?

Once you dive into the process of finding financial aid for college, the FAFSA is something you're hit with almost immediately. Pretty much every school requires that it be filled out after admission, and it's one of the most popular forms of financial aid for most people. However, many schools also make references to the CSS PROFILE application along with the FAFSA. People often have trouble picking out the differences between the two when attempting to understand what they will be getting from each particular financial aid source. Since many private institutions require that the CSS PROFILE be filled out… Read more here!

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Required Financial Aid Forms

When applying for financial aid, the number and complexity of the required financial aid forms varies by school. As a general rule, private schools typically require more in the way of financial aid forms, including a CSS/Financial Aid Profile, which is administered by College Board. These additional and more complex forms are meant to more accurately uncover the total income and assets of the student and his/her parents (if dependent).The problem typically comes when you are applying to multiple schools and therefore must fill out a wide-range of financial aid forms. While the two primary forms are standardized (the FAFSA… Read more here!

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