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Dealing with the Financial Aid Award Letter

For many of us, getting our hands on the financial aid letter from our choice school is a stepping stone, something to celebrate.  After all, the funds listed on that piece of paper are what make college more affordable and therefore more possible.  As a follow-up to our previous discussion on college acceptance and financial aid, let’s talk about a few more financial aid considerations that come into play upon moving on towards college life.  Specifically, let’s talk more about that financial aid award letter and how to better understand and deal with it. Locate the free aid.  On every… Read more here!

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Deciphering Your Financial Aid Award Letter

You've applied for aid, you've patiently waited, and now you have this letter you are desperately trying to decipher what it all means! Here are some helpful hints: Information your award letter will contain: a full explanation of the cost of attendance (all fees included) and the financial aid you can expect to be receiving in the form of federal aid, state aid, and scholarships. What does COA mean? Cost of Attendance. This the projected total cost of your college attendance. This includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, and transportation. Words to look for: If you see the words… Read more here!

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