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Estimating Your Financial Aid Reward

College is a serious financial undertaking. At first glance college can look like an unaffordable venture. However, there are multiple vehicles that can help you attend your goal institution without fear of not being able to afford it. These vehicles include scholarships, grants, and student loans. Despite the existence of financial aid, the anxiety of affording school can afflict students and their families up until the summer as they wait for their financial aid packages to be released! Applying for student aid through FAFSA and the CSS Profile is like playing the lottery - except everybody is a winner. Like… Read more here!

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FAFSA and EFC Calculator

Didn't January fly by? I remember counting down New Years and looking forward to 2011. Now it's already one month in, which means we're in FAFSA season! While the FAFSA is notorious for being confusing, sites are available that provide FREE FAFSA Calculators! Here are some tips to keep in mind while filling out the forms: 1. Some programs require specific school financial aid applications. Be sure to check at all the programs you're applying for in order to maximize the amount you receive. 2. For Returning Students: Be sure to renew your FAFSA. Here are some things you'll need to renew… Read more here!

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