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CSS Profile November 15th Early Decision/Early Action deadline

THE CSS PROFILE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING!  Well, at least for those of you who opted to pursue Early Decision/Early Action for you college applications.  We recently talked about Early Decision/Action applications coming due, and now that November 1st has passed, students who chose that path have other documents to put on their to-do lists.  Next on the list is the CSS profile, which is due for Early Decision/Action students on November 15th. What the heck is the CSS profile?  You could be thinking that right now.  Well, if your Early Decision school is a private college (The Profile is most… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Deadline

Mother’s day is approaching, and I’m feeling the pressure to find that perfect gift for my mom. Dates are just like deadlines in my head, rushing around to get everything done before time's up. That same pressure when applying for financial aid is there too! There is a financial aid deadline for applications and material to be sent. Although I’m pretty sure my mom will forgive me if I send her a late present, financial aid distributors and schools will not be as forgiving. As a matter of fact, if you miss the deadline, you miss your money. It’s as… Read more here!

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Summer Financial Aid: How to start

While it might be getting warmer, that doesn't mean money is going to start growing on trees! This sad truth hurts me as much as it does you, but don't fear, financial aid is here! Summer financial aid is similar to other forms of financial aid, in that the summer financial aid deadline varies between states and even varies between colleges. For example, if I were a resident of Pennsylvania applying for 2011-2012 financial aid, I could go to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/deadlines.htm and select "Pennsylvania" for my legal residence and "2011-2012" for what school year I'm applying for student aid.  Even though this… Read more here!

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