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Financial Aid Reminders

Happy new year to you all!  Now that 2012 is upon us, it means something else major is too: financial aid season.  Given all of this, now is definitely the time to increase your awareness of the financial aid process.  As a starter, let’s kick things off with a few important reminders. 1).  File your taxes. Yeah, a new year means tax season, and everyone’s gotta do it.   Taxes are ESPECIALLY important to get a jump on when considering financial aid for college.  In order to complete the ever-important FAFSA, students and families must have an accurate picture of their… Read more here!

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The Best Financial Aid on The Planet

Winter time is here, which means only one thing (besides the super bowl)...it's Financial aid time!  For those of you entering or returning to school, maximizing your financial aid can help relieve those financial burdens. Trust me, the small steps leading up to the application process can mean significant changes in the money you receive, so don't put off the forms. Now the reason I put this post up is because  a lot of people ask about the best financial aid available. While different institutions offer different programs,  here are some tips to get you started: Review the college applications and… Read more here!

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Summer Financial Aid Information

Financial aid isn't only available for the standard fall to spring school year. Many people choose to take classes over the summer to ease their load during the school year or to make up for classes that they may not have done so well in during the year. Taking classes over the summer can also push up your graduation date by adding on the credits. Whatever the reason, summer financial aid is available for these programs, too. Before applying for summer financial aid programs, make sure you have completed the FAFSA. This will determine the amount of federal government aid… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Tips for Parents

Whether you are sending your first child off to college or your fourth child, everyone can use a little help in getting the most education for the least amount of your own money. 1. Apply. You can't get financial aid if you don't apply. File out of your FAFSA and encourage your child to apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for. 2. If your child's grandparents have been saving money for college, it should be paid directly to the school. This will eliminate gift tax liability. 3. Pay early. Check with your child's school, some schools may offer… Read more here!

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