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Financial Aid Debit Cards

When you think of financial aid, usually such things as your college financial aid office, the FAFSA and a university-based financial aid account come to mind.  However, did you know that over half of community and state colleges disburse financial aid money (loans, grants, etc.) in a different way?  It’s true; these schools join forces with outside institutions to provide financial aid debit cards to college students.  Sounds pretty handy, right?  Wrong.  According to new research, this method of providing aid is actually more troublesome and prone to increasing student debt. While it’s convenient to have your financial aid funds… Read more here!

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Hello!  Now that everyone has had thoughts of financial aid for college swirling around their minds, let's get to the heart of the matter: the aid you will receive and how you will get it.  As you likely know already, your FAFSA money comes in the form of loans and grants taken out/given on your behalf.  Since the financial aid deadline for submitting your FAFSA application has passed, if you applied for aid you are now in the waiting stage.  You're thinking, "Where is my money?  When am I going to get it?  How much will I get?"  Let's take… Read more here!

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Financial Aid Disbursement

The hard work is done. Your FASFA is complete and has long been mailed or sent electronically. Maybe you've even submitted your CSS Profile. Now what? The wait and questions begin: "When do I receive my scholarship and/or loan money?", "How will I know it arrived?", "Does the money automatically go to my school or personally to me?" Well, no need to wait for the answers about financial aid disbursement as you wait for your money to come through. Your financial aid is almost always distributed to your school first. Then, your school takes that money and applies it to school fees (tuition and… Read more here!

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