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Changing Financial Aid Requirements

In order to qualify for federal aid to help you pay for your education, there are various financial aid requirements that will determine whether or not you can receive federal funding. In recent news, the US Department of Education has been discussing the changing of financial aid regulations in the federal sector. According to statements the department has made recently, these changes should be in effect by July 2011. The alteration of financial aid regulations are intended to protect both taxpayers and students borrowing money. These changes are also targeted at stopping universities from misleading students with financial aid information… Read more here!

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FAFSA Estimator

Knowing what to expect from the FAFSA form is something most people desire, but may feel isn’t possible.  Well, here’s some good news: a FAFSA estimator is available to fill out online, which will give you an estimate of what your financial aid eligibility is before you even touch the actual form. It’s never too early to start preparing for financial aid for college.  Knowing a base amount for your eligibility will keep you ahead of the game, so you won’t be feeling in the dark about how much aid you’ll be receiving.  Websites like FAFSA4caster provide FAFSA estimator services… Read more here!

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Academic Probation and Financial Aid

Not making the grade? Academic probation can cost you your financial aid or your enrollment status. While it is impossible to give you the exact terms of satisfactory academic progress at every school across the nation, normally you must maintain a 2.0. If you GPA does fall below a 2.0, in most cases you are given one semester to redeem yourself. This is called academic probation. If you are unable to do so, you will be dismissed from the school and your financial aid may be suspended. If you are dismissed from a school, you will need to apply later… Read more here!

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What Not To Do…(Maximize Your Financial Aid)

Financial aid is more than likely an important aspect in deciding the next four years of your life. However, everyone always tells you what to do in order to maximize your aid. The one thing everyone forgets? What not to do! Don't save money in the student's name. Student assets can be assessed at up to 20% under Federal financial aid formulas. Do not set up a visit with a school's financial aid office without proper documentation to back up any financial claims you plan on making. Don't inflate your income. Avoid using any potential bonuses and retirement distributions when… Read more here!

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