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Financial Aid Package

You’ve been accepted to college, perhaps applied for financial aid (if not, we recommend reviewing the financial aid process) and now that the application madness has ceased, your head has stopped spinning long enough to wonder about a few things.  For instance, “What should I expect from my financial aid package?”  Well, let’s figure that out together. You may or may not know that the overall financial aid package consists of various aid types.  For the sake of our discussion, we’ll talk about federal financial aid right now.  After all, much of what people consider part of the financial aid… Read more here!

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What Happens When Federal Student Aid is Not Enough?

Now that you've seen and deciphered your Student Aid Report, you've realized you still don't have the funds to the attend the college of your dreams. Now what? You have a few options to consider, before reconsidering your number one school. 1. Begin a scholarship hunt. Scholarships are free money. Remember you can find scholarships that are awarded for athletics, academics, volunteering, background, etc. 2. Appeal your financial aid award. Contact the school and see if they can provide you with a more favorable financial aid package. This idea may seem far fetched to some, however if you are an… Read more here!

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