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And so it begins: college life.  Hopefully you took as much from your years in high school as you could—learning as much as possible, asking questions and taking the time to realize that high school prepares you for a more demanding academic load.  That next step, a college education, as one school puts it, “prepares you for the real world.”   Students learn field-specific skills and hone time management and study strategies, which will aid in a strong professional future.  However, with the flimsy nature of our economy, and less money coming into households, many become concerned about the affordability of… Read more here!

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Websites Stepping Up to Provide Financial Aid Help

With the economy still struggling to recover from recession, and families still reeling from the financial drawbacks of a failing economy, paying for college is certainly not an easy task.  Now, more than ever, financial aid is playing a crucial role in allowing students to be able to afford extending their education beyond high school.  However, the financial aid process itself has also proven to be no simple feat to accomplish.  It involves quite a lot of paperwork and research in order to find the best options possible. Thankfully, more websites are stepping up to provide financial aid help for… Read more here!

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