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New College Financial Aid Programs

In a time when pennies are still being pinched and education costs are high, many wonder how they are going to afford college. The good news is, several schools recognize this great concern, and they are responding with plans to help you. New college financial aid programs are being developed to assist students and their families afford education at particular universities. Two "big buck" schools take center stage as the most recent examples: University of California, Berkeley and Harvard College. UC Berkeley Financial Aid Just weeks ago, this major university announced a "groundbreaking middle-class financial plan." The new program aims… Read more here!

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Types of Financial Aid

So you want to go to college and know that there are funds available, but you want to know, "What specifically is out there for me?"  This question taps into the different types of financial aid offered for undergraduate students.  At the most basic level, you have your free aid and you have aid that will be paid back later.  Let's try to hammer out the details about all of this college money. Loans--noun.  Money borrowed for college education expenses which will be repaid upon completion of a degree program. Education loans come in two types: Federal Student Loans.  Federal… Read more here!

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