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Financial Aid for Grad School

Getting financial aid for graduate school can be a trying process.  However, there are plenty of loans out there available to graduate students, as well as scholarships, so don’t let the process itself scare you away from applying.  The three main types of financial aid for graduate students are focused on law, medical and business schools.  There are specific resources for each that you should look into.  I will list a few here: Law School Law students are eligible for Federal Stafford Loans The Access Group is a non-profit organization founded by law schools themselves, and it is the largest… Read more here!

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Making Grad School More Reasonable

If you are thinking about attending graduate school, you are probably aware of the high costs of attending college and you are possibly even making student loan payments. Today, almost every job requires a four year college degree. A master's degree will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge. The added bonus? It will stand out on a resume and maybe even give you the edge you need to get the job you really want. Before you add to the massive stack of student loans you already have, stop and think about ways that may just cut the cost… Read more here!

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Financial Aid for Graduate School

So you’ve been working for a few years and are thinking about going to back to school to get a graduate degree. Only one problem…you haven’t saved up enough money to pay for it in full.  Unless your employer is going to cover the costs, you’ll most likely have to look into the financial aid options available to graduate students. The best thing about applying for financial aid as a graduate student is that you can claim yourself as an independent on financial aid applications. This is extremely important, as you do not have to include your parent’s financial information.… Read more here!

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