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Financial Aid MBA

The cost of tuition is on the rise, especially with the current state of the economy.  Students throughout the Western hemisphere are finding themselves having to choose between a debt filled education or simply avoiding the college process altogether.  This decision is especially critical to graduate students, who may already be in significant debt after college itself, then have to pay even more to go to graduate school.  Just earlier this month, it was reported that administrators from McGill University in Quebec had raised tuition prices a considerable amount, with the majority of the price hike affecting MBA students. If… Read more here!

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Making Grad School More Reasonable

If you are thinking about attending graduate school, you are probably aware of the high costs of attending college and you are possibly even making student loan payments. Today, almost every job requires a four year college degree. A master's degree will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge. The added bonus? It will stand out on a resume and maybe even give you the edge you need to get the job you really want. Before you add to the massive stack of student loans you already have, stop and think about ways that may just cut the cost… Read more here!

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Make yourself more marketable! Try graduate school

So you are just out of school, and given the current economy, you cannot find a job (let alone the job of your dreams) or you are just about finished with school (and aren't quit sure what your next move should be). Why not consider graduate school? There are many reasons to consider graduate school. One of the many reasons people go back to school at any age or stage of their career is to gain more skills. An increase in skills and abilities will increase your marketability. Employers value employees with diverse and interesting academic backgrounds. Numerous studies show… Read more here!

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