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Graduate School Scholarships

You’ve finished your undergraduate studies (or are about to) and are toying with the idea of attending graduate school. The thing is, graduate school financial aid, especially scholarships, is a bit harder to come by. At the graduate level, there are scholarships to be won, but you’ll have to do some digging. A quick Google search is out of the question, and you must prepare to read through several of the articles you encounter for solid ideas. Additionally, you will find that the graduate school scholarships available are more neatly categorized, typically career-based or organization-sponsored. The sampling of graduate school… Read more here!

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Make yourself more marketable! Try graduate school

So you are just out of school, and given the current economy, you cannot find a job (let alone the job of your dreams) or you are just about finished with school (and aren't quit sure what your next move should be). Why not consider graduate school? There are many reasons to consider graduate school. One of the many reasons people go back to school at any age or stage of their career is to gain more skills. An increase in skills and abilities will increase your marketability. Employers value employees with diverse and interesting academic backgrounds. Numerous studies show… Read more here!

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