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Federal Grant Reserved for Education Students

Federal student aid is generally allocated to those with a financial need or in a special circumstance, but students going to school for teaching can be an exception to that rule. This grant, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, rewards recipients with $4,000 a year for four years, saving you from $16,000 of school loans.  You may be thinking, “Free money, that is not based on financial need…is there a catch?” Yes—Post graduation, you must serve a four-year term as a full-time teacher in a primary, middle, or secondary school in a high-need field and in a low-income community.… Read more here!

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Scholarships and Grants

Hey!  Tonight let’s continue our financial aid discussion with a talk about scholarships and grants.   These are absolutely awesome aid types because you don’t owe anything later.  We in the financial aid biz call this gift aid. All-aboard the free money train. Some scholarships…Scholarship money is provided by schools (ask your financial aid office) and organizations of all kinds.  Scholarships are very competitive because there are thousands of students grabbing for one scholarship check.  In all, there are countless scholarships to be won, but it’s a rat race and you have to shine your brightest when applying.  Highlight you best skills,… Read more here!

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How to Pay for College

You've done it.  You finished high school and decided to pursue higher education (a wise move, given stringent requirements for good jobs and the sore lack of them these days).  But there's still a monkey on your back, and you wonder how to pay for college.  True, education is a HUGE investment, but there are lots of ways to pay for it.  Take a look. 1. Out of pocket (or your parents') While there's a very good chance that you will not have to absorb all college costs yourself, few students go without having to pay anything (i.e. full-ride scholarships,… Read more here!

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Pell Grant Eligibility

You may have recently read about college grants, and therefore got an overview of education grant options for college.  The Pell Grant is one of those options, and falls under federal financial aid.  Let's have a more in-depth talk about this grant, and what the Pell Grant Eligibility requirements are.The Pell Grant is the biggest federal grant available.  The number one consideration in determining an individual's eligibility for this grant is financial need.  That is to say, how much help a student requires in paying for his/her education.   This should help lay things out for you: Cost of Attendance (CoA--Total… Read more here!

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College Grants

Ahh...the sweet smell of free money. We are, of course, talking about college grants. It doesn't get much better when you're facing the responsibility of paying for school. Grants are an awesome financial resource for college students looking at their financial aid options. Wait, you didn't know that grants were free? Are you new here? We kid, of course. For those of you just beginning down the financial aid road, college grants are indeed free money. Unlike loans, which must be repaid, grants are gift funds that do not require repayment. College grants may be federally-based or organization-affiliated. 1. Federal… Read more here!

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Available Financial Aid

College is rough, and whether you're a first year student or a veteran college-goer just looking to expand your financial aid options, you want to know what's out there.  Totally understandable--the less you have to pay for school the better.  Let's skim over a few of the more conventional, well-known aid forms, and then dive into a few areas that you might not have thought of. Conventional Financial Aid 1.  Federal and private loans.  Basically federal loans are funds that a student borrows from a government agency with the promise to repay them upon completion of study.  Stafford loans, Perkins… Read more here!

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Best Financial Aid

Loans, grants, scholarships.  The Big 3 of financial aid, and about the quickest financial aid overview possible.  Several options are available to students, but how do you pinpoint the best direction to go?  The easiest answer is to go with free money.  So that leaves us with grants and scholarships as the best financial aid.Loans are certainly helpful as well, and are often a necessity.  But in this case, each student loan taken out accrues interest over time, and once the 6-month grace period is over after graduation, that interest keeps piling up.  Loans tend to leave the borrower with… Read more here!

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Types of Financial Aid

So you want to go to college and know that there are funds available, but you want to know, "What specifically is out there for me?"  This question taps into the different types of financial aid offered for undergraduate students.  At the most basic level, you have your free aid and you have aid that will be paid back later.  Let's try to hammer out the details about all of this college money. Loans--noun.  Money borrowed for college education expenses which will be repaid upon completion of a degree program. Education loans come in two types: Federal Student Loans.  Federal… Read more here!

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Community College Financial Aid

For many students, community college provide an opportunity to receive a college education without going broke. But before you jump into classes, you first need to look at any and all financial aid available. Remember, the more time you spend researching and maximizing the money you can receive, the less stress (and debt!) you'll have later. In order to help you grasp the complex process of financial aid, I'm going to breakdown and explain some of the avenues available for upcoming or returning students. To begin, let's look some financial aid sources. The Department of Education The Federal financial aid largely… Read more here!

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Academic Financial Aid

There are countless forms of academic financial aid provided by the federal and state governments, as well as a variety of organizations through the private sector. When looking to further your education, academic financial aid is the key to making college affordable. Very few people face a new chapter of their student careers prepared to pay everything up front. With a struggling economy and changing education laws, the total cost of education is, unfortunately, on the rise. A growing number of young Americans are even reconsidering attending a post secondary school due to these increasing costs that seem insurmountable. However,… Read more here!

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