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Scholarship Tips and Tricks

Scholarship Tips and Tricks: Advice from a Scholarship Winner Summertime is great. It's a time for freedom, a time to ease up on your academic course load, and a time for you to generate some money for college. Summer is an ideal time to apply for scholarships, to avoid having to take out educational loans for the school year.  "Scholarship" brings both a sense of optimisn and an overwhelmingly daunting feeling for students. Everyone wants a scholarship, but due to the time involvement and their competitive nature, they can be discouraging. With such a competitive environment, how can you ensure that… Read more here!

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Scholarships For Everyone

We've touched on this subject before. Scholarships are a great way to get free money for college; you just have to look. You really can get a scholarship for virtually anything. Here is some more proof: Merck offers scholarships to high school seniors who are determined, disciplined, and successfully managing their asthma. Take good care of your health, pursue a higher education, and get free money for it! The Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for students who are faced with the challenges of a bleeding disorder. Love agriculture? Live in Illinois? High school seniors who are… Read more here!

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