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Best Student Loans

Hey there.  Okay, you’ve gone through your finances for school, and you realize: student loans are going to be a necessary evil.  It’s okay, we’ve all been there.  And it doesn’t have to be so bad!  The best thing you can do for yourself when dealing with financial aid is to get educated.  That’s why you’re here, right?  Good.  You may wonder, “I know I have to take out some loans, but which are the best student loans?”  Well, if you’ve visited the blog before, you’ll note that both the Stafford and Perkins Loans come up a lot.  This entry… Read more here!

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Financial Aid and Community College

For a lot of students, attending a couple years of community college is a wise decision. The cost of community college is considerably less than that of a four year college. Students can save a significant amount on tuition, transportation, room, and board. However, parents and students assume that due to the low cost of community college that financial aid is not available for community college. This is not true. Stafford loans provide thousands of dollars in financial aid for community college students regardless of their family's assets and income level. Students who demonstrate need may receive these loans at… Read more here!

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