For those of you living in Pittsburgh, the debate over the tuition tax continues. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has asked city council to approve a 1% tuition tax, which would be the first of its kind in the nation.

Ravenstahl has set a Monday deadline for the city's 10 universities and other tax-exempt nonprofits to agree to pay $5 million dollars annually to the city. Leaders of these universities have made it clear that they will not contribute financially to the city.

Allegheny County executive, Dan Onorato, says the tax is not supportable and it is not advisable to argue with the city's universities who play a major role in the region. Onorato would like to see more grants for students who need financial aid. However, the mayor's position is very clear.Students at many Pittsburgh universities are not swayed by this proposal. Many of them do not believe a budget should be the burden of the city's students.

City council argues that universities in other cities do pay money to the city, such as Boston universities.

What do you think?

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