Scholarships can be won for many different reasons: academic excellence, athletic skills and even for taking a survey.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however.  For your amusement, and hopefully your benefit, here are 5 truly weird scholarships.  Hey, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Tall Clubs International Scholarship.  Being tall means more than reaching high shelves and the possibility of a basketball career.  To Tall Clubs International, height leads to financial aid for college.  Guys standing 6’2” and higher and gals 5’10” and taller have the opportunity to earn $1,000 in scholarship money, just by writing an essay about being vertically-advantaged.  One recent topic was, “What Being Tall Means to Me.”  The short people are jealous (I know I am).
  2. Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest.  Calling all hunters and duck enthusiasts!  The Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest has a special competition for college students to win money for school.  Do you think you have a killer duck call?  Bring it!  Students from 13 different states have competed in this contest.  Three awards are given annually to the top callers—1st place receives $2,000, 2nd receives $1,000, 3rd receives $750 and 4th gets $500.  This scholarship contest is open to high school seniors preparing for college (psst—it’s not until November 25th, so there’s still time!).
  3. The Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship.  Tall people it’s time to get off your high horses.  It turns out that being short can pay off too.  The Billy Barty Foundation provides the opportunity for vertically-challenged individuals to earn scholarship funds for their college education.  Eligible individuals must be under 4’10”, be enrolled in college and have medical proof of dwarfism (still jealous—tall, short…where’s the “Average Height Scholarship?”).  Funds for this opportunity are raised via the Foundation’s annual celebrity golf competition.
  4. The Kor Memorial Scholarship.  Live long and prosper.  The Kor Memorial Scholarship is offered each year by the Klingon Language Institute to college students pursuing language studies.  While being a Trekky certainly doesn’t hurt, it is not required to be eligible for the award.  What you do need is a nomination from your department chair or dean.  In addition, candidates must be full-time students, be highly accomplished in their language program and have a clear purpose for their course of study.  The Institute chooses its winner at the annual conference, the qep'a', and the award is $500.
  5. The Patrick Kerr Skateboarding Scholarship.  X-Games fans listen up.  The Patrick Kerr Skateboarding Scholarship is open to high school senior skaters looking toward their college futures.  The ability to beat out Tony Hawk on the half-pipe is not mandatory, but here’s what is: 2.5 or higher GPA, an enjoyment of and appreciation for skateboarding, plans to pursue a college education and a brief essay answering, "How has skateboarding been a positive influence in your life?".  Four awards are given out, including one $5,000 scholarship and three $1,000 scholarships.

There are a few head-scratchers in there, right?  College money is attainable to anyone, for almost anything.  There was another from a nudist colony too…You get the point: there are some really weird scholarships out there!  No matter what your strengths are, they will likely help you on the path to higher education.  Still need a financial aid game plan?  Go Financial Aid can point you toward the right solutions.

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