Should you work and attend class at the same time? It is no secret that everyone, even hardworking college students, have expenses and bills to be paid. Unless you are planning to cover all of your costs with credit cards (which is by no means a great idea!), you may want to weight your working options.

Before you hit the internet, college bulletin boards, or even the mall in search of work, create a monthly budget. Include everything from your cell phone bill, gas money, and spending money. Your budget does not have to be exact, but at least give yourself an idea of what you would like to be making.

Budgeting your money isn't the only thing you have to worry about! You will need to budget your time as well. Time management is going to be essential in keeping your grades up (and maintaining academic scholarships if you have one!). When looking for a job, flexible hours may be one of the most important things to consider. Remember you may need extra time to study during midterms or finals or perhaps you live a distance and are planning on traveling home a lot especially around holidays. Remember when filing out your FAFSA to say you are interested in work study. A majority of work study jobs are on campus, have flexible hours, and the money you make from the federal government will never need to be paid back.

Ideally, finding a job on campus that relates to your field of study would be great. These jobs offer money, flexibility, convenience, and experience. However, not everyone is going to be able to find an on campus job. If you decide to venture off campus in search of a job, act quickly. Especially if you go to school in a small town, jobs may be limited. When applying and interviewing, make sure you find out about flexibility, holidays, typical hours and pay. In college towns, a lot of employers should be understanding of a student's situation. Another off campus job to consider: try finding a paid internship. While they may be scarce, paid internships offer experience and money. One thing to consider if your class schedule, make sure you are available during business hours. Internships will generally put you in the 9-5 range!

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