In a time when the economy is tight and jobs are not exactly easy to come across, what is the recent college graduate to do? Most students enter college with goal of obtaining a degree and going on to get a good paying, job of their dreams. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. With planning and strategy, everyone can make the best out of what may not be your ideal situation.


  • Can't find work at all? Try searching for an internship (hopefully a paid internship). Employers are always looking for that ever important experience to go along with the degree, so take this opportunity to get yourself some experience. It may open up the potential for a better job.
  • Considering graduate school? Now may be the time to look into it. You will make yourself more marketable to employers. If you can't afford to attend school full time, look at part time or online programs from accredited universities. If you are disciplined enough, you may be able to earn your graduate degree while maintaining employment.
  • Get your finances in check! Consolidate loans, get your credit cards organized, and take advantage of your grace period. Your loan grace period may be a great time to save up some money for when the bills start rolling in. If you are having trouble finding a job, Income Based Repayment may be an option to look into, especially for those on a vary limited income and not employed.
  • Don't get discouraged. Not every job you apply for is going to call you back. Not every job you interview for is going to offer you a position. Hold your head up high and keep looking.

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