As we all know, applying to college is not exactly free. There is typically an application fee, not to mention the time and effort that it takes to fill out the applications. That's why you want to make sure that you apply to the right amount of prospective colleges. You should have 3 groups of colleges that you apply to, including:

  • Reach Schools (Apply to 1 or 2 Schools) - These are schools where you have a small probability of acceptance. They are likely to be more selective and have a lower acceptance rate.
  • Good Match Schools (Apply to 3 Schools) - These schools appear to be a good match based on your high school achievements and other evaluation criteria.
  • Safety Schools (Apply to 2 Schools) - These are schools for which you are confident that you will be accepted.

The category that each school falls under will depend on the average acceptance rate, SAT scores, high school GPAs, and other evaluation criteria. Remember, applications are evaluated subjectively. You never know when you just might make the cut.

Make those applications shine by perfecting your essays and letters of recommendation.

Essays and Letters of Recommendation

Getting good grades in high school and high SAT scores are great! But colleges often want more. Essays and letters of recommendation are your chance to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Click Here to learn more about what it takes to make a complete college application. You can also find some great essay tips by visiting College Board.

More Information

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