Some family members have become pros at the entire financial aid process. Perhaps a mom has 5 kids and has gone through the financial aid process with all her children. Maybe an older brother or sister has completed college and helps his or her younger siblings with the entire financial aid process. However, there are many families out there who have children, siblings or other relatives or friends, going through the process of receiving financial aid for the first time. Perhaps they need step by step help through the process it takes to receive financial aid. Maybe they don’t even know where to begin. Even families who have gone through the financial aid process several times, need help and get confused about the financial aid process. They also need help finding out what funds are available and where to look for those funds. This is why college financial aid consultants exist.

You may want to speak with a financial aid consultant if you find yourself:

  • Attending college for the first time.
  • Currently in college and wondering if you missed out on more money to finance your education.
  • Helping a family member or friend through the financial aid process for the first time.
  • Busy or having trouble keeping up with the day-to-day work you already have.
  • Confused about where to begin looking for money for college.
  • Have several questions about financial aid but no one to accurately answer them.
  • Have trouble understanding the FAFSA or your CSS Profile or need help finding scholarships and other award money.

College financial aid consultants can help you in any of the above areas and beyond. They are there to help you achieve the following:

  • Complete all paperwork when it comes to receiving financial aid. That paperwork includes the FAFSA, CSS Profile, Scholarships, Grants and more. In fact, college financial aid consultants will complete this paperwork for you if you find you are too busy to do so yourself.
  • Find scholarships, grants and other money that may be available for you to help pay for college. They are there to ensure you receive the most aid possible to fund your college education.
  • Help you with financial aid appeals
  • Give you an estimate of your expected family contribution
  • Ensure you accurately provide and complete all financial aid applications.

We at Go Financial Aid specialize in consulting with students, parents and everyone with receiving money for college. We desire to make sure you are knowledgeable, informed and educated about how to fund your college education. Please contact one of our financial aid consultants and see our solutions to your financial aid needs.

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