Finally, the financial aid applications and paperwork are behind you and the hard part is over.  There will be a slight wait, however.  Of course anyone would be eager to find out what financial aid they were eligible to receive and will likely get.  In the meantime, it is possible for students to check on their financial aid status.  Accessing this information is easily done online, by visiting certain websites.  A few ways to learn your financial aid status will follow.

  • FAFSA status.  It makes sense to check here first, as FAFSA is most important.  First, navigate to the application status check on the FAFSA website.  A table will appear in which to enter the following: Social Security Number, last name, first name and date of birth (DOB).  Users must do this with the secure onscreen keyboard.  Upon accurate completion of the necessary information, press “Submit.”  Available information includes whether or not the application has been processed, if the Student Aid Report (SAR) has been sent, etc.
  • Pell Grant Status.  If the FAFSA SAR has not yet been received, it is best to wait on this.  If it is available to you, get it out now.  Read the report, keeping a watchful eye for information about the Pell Grant.   At the minimum, the Student Aid Report will indicate whether you are eligible for this grant, and perhaps also provide an estimated amount (i.e. Up to amount x”) if you met the grant requirements.
  • Stafford Loan Status.  The number one way to check the Stafford is to access the Stafford Loan website.  Certain FAFSA information must be available before doing this.  Log-in to the site with both a FSA ID and a Social Security Number.  If you lost your ID, it’s okay.  Recover your FSA ID online by your verified e-mail address or by successfully answering your challenge questions  As you did with the FAFSA, follow any additional instructions to gain access to your loan status.

Remember that the above-mentioned resources give students access to general financial aid status information, which is available soon after application submission.  For finalized information about the award package, students must wait until their university distributes financial aid.  If necessary, discuss the specifics with the financial aid office.  Of course, if things are still a tad hazy when it comes to gaining college money, hire a financial aid consultant!  Go Financial Aid has to solutions to meet your needs.

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