The financial aid process can seem like a time-consuming and stress-enhancing feat that does not always prove beneficial in its outcomes. As a college student, stress is surely a common feeling, and you certainly do not need any more of it than is necessary. However, the financial aid process does not have to be overwhelming or impossible. In fact, it is very possible and well worth it. All it takes is being informed about the different parts of the process itself and the specific steps to take within that process to ensure that you maximize the amount of aid you receive.

Informing yourself about financial aid and its various components is the first step. You need to be able to weigh your options and see what will work best for you in order to know exactly where to begin. Listed below are some general categories pertaining to the most popular forms of financial aid, as well as some additional helpful tools to make the search easier and more understandable:

More Information

  • Financial Aid Overview - Overview of financial aid, including federal, state, private, and institutional college financial aid.
  • Financial Aid 101 - Financial Aid 101 provides a full overview of the financial aid process for securing grants, loans, work study, and scholarships.
  • Available Financial Aid - Some available financial aid for college, including traditional, study abroad, and community college financial aid.
  • Financial Aid for College - Overview of financial aid, including federal, state, private, and institutional college financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Deadline - Understanding your financial aid deadline is important. Information about the deadline for financial aid applications.
  • Financial Aid Requirements - Financial aid requirements and recommendations on how to make yourself more eligible to receive financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Process - Overview of the Financial Aid Process and how to apply for financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Disbursement - Explanation of financial aid disbursement and how financial aid money is received, as well as responsibilities regarding loans.
  • Financial Aid Help - Financial aid help for college including financial aid consultants and advisors for the FAFSA and CSS Profile.
  • Calculating Financial Aid - Calculating financial aid for college, including Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and FAFSA figures.
  • Get Financial Aid - Explains guidelines to follow in order to get financial aid, both federal and non-federal financial aid.
  • Who can get financial aid - Answers the question 'can I get financial aid', along with information on financial aid eligibility requirements and loan/grant examples.
  • Financial Aid Glossary - A comprehensive glossary of Financial Aid terms from applications and forms.
  • Our Financial Aid Services - Information about financial aid services, including various resources and financial aid consultants to help optimize your financial aid.
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