Do you have a few specific questions about financial aid and want to talk to a Financial Aid Specialist? We're here to help.

Go Financial Aid offers financial aid consulting on a "pay by the hour" basis. Our financial aid consultants are ready to talk to you about any of the following:

  • FAFSA questions
  • CSS Profile questions
  • Financial Aid Supplements
  • State and Institutional Grants
  • Private and school-specific Scholarships
  • Work-study programs
  • Comparing Financial Aid Packages
  • Appealing Financial Aid
  • Renewing Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Analysis
  • And more...!

Our hourly rate for general financial aid consulting is $140 per hour, charged in 30 minute increments, with a $30 initiation fee. We require payment for the initiation fee and the first 30 minutes up front. Click below to get started.

How We Help

  • Save Time - It takes the average family 40+ hours to get financial aid on their own; we cut that in half.
  • Save Money - One in every 7 FAFSAs is submitted incorrectly each year, costing over $9,100 in lost financial aid.
  • Get Peace of Mind - Priceless! Rest assured that a financial aid expert has reviewed your applications.
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