Applying to both public and private schools? Then our Premium Package is for you!

We'll start off with preparing your FAFSA and CSS Profile, and follow through with all required federal, state, or institutional applications!

Service Premium Package
FAFSA Preparation - We will complete and file the FAFSA for you, ensuring correct and timely submission. Included!
Financial Aid Supplements - Completion of any financial aid supplemental applications required by each school. Included!
Grant Applications - Assistance with any state or institutional grant applications, in addition to the FAFSA. Included!
CSS PROFILE Preparation - Completion of the CSS Profile, administered by College Board. Included!
Financial Aid Planner - A complete timeline of steps required along the financial aid process, including all applicable deadlines. Included!
Scholarship Guidance - Assistance with obtaining academic, athletic, and a variety of other scholarships from the college or private sources. Included!
Business/Farm Support - Completion of the supplements required by College Board or schools specific to a business or farm that the student or parents own. Try our Deluxe Package
Non-Custodial Support - Completion of the Non-Custodial Profile required by College Board or a Non-Cusotidal Waiver. Try our Deluxe Package
Schools Included - The total number of schools that we will include in our financial aid application process. Up to 10 Schools
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$ 599 95 /year

How We Help

  • Save Time - It takes the average family 40+ hours to get financial aid on their own; we cut that in half.
  • Save Money - One in every 7 FAFSAs is submitted incorrectly each year, costing over $9,100 in lost financial aid.
  • Get Peace of Mind - Priceless! Rest assured that a financial aid expert has reviewed your applications.
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