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I've been going through dozens of complaints on how slow, unorganized, and often tiresome financial aid offices can be.

I've been going through dozens of complaints on how slow, unorganized, and often tiresome financial aid offices can be. Thats not to say there aren't some amazing people working in some fantastic financial aid offices, but the feedback I've been getting is disappointing.   While it might be difficult to avoid the process, I do have some useful links to help you fill out your FAFSA, find a FAFSA calculator, learn more about your CSS profile, use a college financial aid consultant, and learn about grants and scholarships.


FAFSA deadlines are looming, so it's time to act now.  These forms can be exhausting so we've tried to make it as easy as possible (Consider using our free FAFSA calculator). A couple reminders when filling out the form include:

  • Try filling out a practice FAFSA to ensure optimization of your final form
  • Remember to leave no blank entry bank

If the process become too tedious or confusing, consider emailing a college financial aid consultant with any or all questions.

CSS Profile

The CSS PROFILE determines your eligibility for non-government financial aid, such as the institutional grants, scholarships and loans.

Here are some quick reminders about the CSS Profile:

  • It's requires more specific information than the FAFSA
  • It also requires a free $9 Base Fee + $16 Per School

College Financial Aid Consultant

While many people are fine with filling out their financial aid, many also turn to college financial aid consultant for advice or to assist them in filling out their form. The point here is to find someone to fill out the forms so you don't have to (much like tax consultants). The point is to save time, energy, and the piece of mind knowing that your forms were correctly filled out (which will help maximize the amount you receive).

If you've looked at our site Go Financial Aid, you will realize that the majority of the information is FREE, but we keep the site running Ad-free because of our financial aid consulting services.

We don’t like doing our taxes, so we get others to do them for us. Why? Because it helps us save energy, time, and money. Now we can sidestep another tedious process: financial aid. If you feel this process is too long, tiresome, complex, or just annoying, consider looking into a financial aid consultant (which comes with a satisfaction guarantee). If you don’t have the money for one of our packages, that alright! We’ll keep providing tons of free information via this financial aid blog, twitter, and facebook! If you have any questions about financial aid or financial aid consultants, please send me an email!      

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