Hello Everyone!

Big things are happening at Go Financial Aid, and we're gearing up to give away some money ( Wait did I just giveaway part of the surprise?) Before we empty our pockets on you, I've decided to do something to make your lives even better.


That's where I come in! Starting this week, I'm launching our "Community Spotlight" interview series. The format is simple: I reach out to bloggers, businesses, and organizations that are doing admirable things in our space of higher education, financial aid, and student life. I ask them three questions, I post their answers.

Why this is good news for you...

These are sites provide information on higher education, financial aid, student life, study hacking, college life, and much more! I'm sure you have questions outside of financial aid (if you have questions about financial aid, please talk to us smile , and I want to help you find your answers!

Why this is really good news for you...

If you , or you know somebody who, works or writes about higher education, financial aid, study skills, college life, or college selections, I want to interview you! Email me at DCristello@gofinancialaid.com with the subject "Interview Me".

That's it for now! I'm going back to work. In the meantime, you can connect with me at the contact us page.

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