I imagine myself as a high school senior again. The college world looked so big. I knew very little about the FAFSA, let alone other ways I would pay for college. I had wonderful counselors in high school to direct me towards the college path, but I felt like I was taking a huge step with no one to catch me on the other side.

Who would help me understand finances in college? Who would guide me through the process of knowing how to pay for college, which office to go to and who to speak to? After all, all I kept hearing was “Once you get to college, you are on your own.”

Well, I’ve been a graduate for some years now and I’m happy to say that I never felt neglected or left alone in the whole financial aid process.

Many schools and colleges have college financial aid advisors. They are the other side to the big step you take from high school to college. You can feel free to speak with a college financial aid advisor as many times as you want. Never think you are being a nuisance to them. They are there for you to ask questions. They are there specifically for you and to guide you through any financial aid questions or concerns you have.

A college financial aid advisor is there to help you with the following:

  • Search for student loans, scholarships, grants and other forms of aid to help you pay for college.
  • Complete all forms pertaining to loans, scholarships, grants and other aid.
  • Carefully and thoroughly check and recheck all financial aid paperwork to ensure you don’t make any mistakes or overlook anything.
  • Guide you through the financial aid process by creating a step by step plan to complete all financial aid paperwork.
  • Provide you with any other financial aid assistance you need

Financial aid advisors, also, sometimes called financial aid consultants can answer just about any questions or concerns you have about the financial aid process. Feel free to be extra safe by also getting in touch with one of our Go Financial Aid consultants for our financial aid solutions.

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