FAFSA Top 10- What Every Student Should Know

  1. Apply early! It cannot be stressed enough to apply as early as possible starting January 1st of each year. Financial aid is issued on a first come, first serve, as needed basis.
  2. Leave nothing blank! If the answer is zero, put a zero. No answer is not an answer; this will result in delays.
  3. Get a PIN for you and a parent! Register for your PIN number at www.pin.ed.gov. You receive this information instantly. The PIN will serve as your electronic signature. Keep it in a safe place; it is yours’ forever!
  4. Use your given name! Nicknames or shorten versions are not acceptable here. Use your legal name.
  5. Calling all males! You must be registered for the selective service. If you are not already you may request to do so while filing your FAFSA.
  6. Check your Social Security number! Check this information and check it again. The federal government will be checking to make sure that number is indeed yours. Errors could result in your application being denied.
  7. Do your taxes! If possible do your taxes before filing your FAFSA. If this is not possible estimate your tax information and later complete a FAFSA Corrections.
  8. Not sure if you qualify? Submit a FAFSA regardless. Sometimes submitting a FAFSA is required for private awards and loans.
  9. Review your completed FAFSA! Make any corrections and make sure you get a confirmation before exiting the FAFSA on the web.
  10. Remember to file each year! In order to keep the grants and loans coming, you will need to use the FAFSA renewal form This form will pre-populate certain information and allow you to enter your up-to-date tax information.

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