Living in Pittsburgh has taught me many lessons. One of those lessons is that there are seasons. Coming from Louisiana, there are pretty much hot and warm seasons. As the winter and spring seasons are still pretty new to me, they teach me that there is a time for everything. Every year, I pull out the winter clothes to prepare and anchor down for the cold it brings. Gratefully spring is FINALLY here and I have torn off the layers of winter clothing for warmer, spring-time sunshine.

Just as there are seasons, you can pretty much say that when it comes to financial aid, FAFSA Renewal has its own season. Completing the FAFSA is not a one-time deal if you want to receive funding year after year. You are not able to only complete your FAFSA freshman year and receive the same amount of financial aid every year until you graduate.The FAFSA must be renewed every year, beginning January 1st. That means that in order to complete a FAFSA renewal, you will have already completed the FAFSA at least once before applying again.

There are great benefits to renewing your FAFSA online. If you submitted your FAFSA at least once before, the FAFSA Renewal application remembers or keeps that information, and you don’t have to fill it in again. You spend less time searching for information because your FAFSA saves some of it from the previous year you completed your FAFSA. You will, of course still have to provide some financial, up-to-date information and your school codes.

Even though you have gone through the process of filling out your FAFSA at least once, many people continue to need help with their FAFSA year after year. We have financial aid consultants available to help you.Whether you have completed your FAFSA or not, remember it has it’s own season, and that season begins January 1st. Check your state and school deadlines to find out when that season ends. Don’t be afraid to ask your school advisor about your FAFSA financial aid deadline.

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