And so it begins: college life.  Hopefully you took as much from your years in high school as you could—learning as much as possible, asking questions and taking the time to realize that high school prepares you for a more demanding academic load.  That next step, a college education, as one school puts it, “prepares you for the real world.”   Students learn field-specific skills and hone time management and study strategies, which will aid in a strong professional future.  However, with the flimsy nature of our economy, and less money coming into households, many become concerned about the affordability of a university education.  While that concern is understandable, organizations have recognized the need for assistance, and there are now many resources available.  Both companies with special consultants and different websites providing a wealth of information and financial assistance will help you figure out your financial situation. Think about the following.

  •  First off, if you didn’t already know it, The FAFSA is the one application that EVERY undergraduate student must complete for consideration for federal financial aid.  That said, to make the process easier, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the FAFSA website.  It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself (and/or your family) about financial aid in general, and about the FAFSA process.  There are many questions on the application, and you must be able to answer them all, whether that means learning how to do so or just knowing what information you will need.  You can even print out the paper version of the application for practice!
  • Financial Aid Tips.  This website has financial assistance and information up the wazoo.  Thinking about college scholarships?  This site has a variety of resources dedicated to just that, with sections on major scholarships, scholarship database search and essay help.  Don’t go unprepared for coping with student loans, either.  This tips website breaks down some advice on loan debt and tuition forgiveness.

We won’t lie—the financial aid process has the potential to be a real pain in the behind, but you can make it easier on yourself!  Upon doing your homework and soaking in some information on college aid, if you want or need additional financial assistance, think about working with a Financial Aid Consultant.  Our Financial Aid Consultants will submit your financial aid applications for you and explain confusing details along the way.  For more solutions, and to learn more about the web resources available to you, take a look at some of our favorite useful sites.

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