Happy holidays!  This year, for Go Financial Aid’s gift from us to you, we wanted to bring you something really fun and exciting.  We worked long and hard on it, so hopefully you enjoy it.  What is it?  Well, you might have actually snuck a peek at it already; it’s our new website design!  There’s loads of good stuff there, so to make sure you get the most of it, we wanted to give everyone the insider’s look.  Let’s see what’s new…

• Responsive, Adaptable Design
Go Financial Aid’s new site design presents users with extreme versatility.  Every website today is mobile-ready, and now, so are we!  Everyone can now read site information and view personal GFA profiles on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
• Free Registration
Our site provides such a wealth of financial information that it is an absolutely indispensible source.  Now, individuals may register for an account on the website and get (for free!) our newsletter, educational eBooks, consultations and more!
• Improved Search
Don’t you just hate it when you have to look all over a website for one simple thing?  We’ve improved our search function so that everyone may find anything on the site with one easy search.
• Schools Module
A great advantage of the new website is that visitors can now find school-specific financial aid information.  This feature, available to registered members, enables students to check on the required financial aid applications and review paperwork deadlines for many different schools.
• Financial Aid Module
Do you want to get a better handle on what you can expect to pay for school?  When to head to the new website, use our financial aid calculator to determine your Expected Family Contribution.  Also check out several pages dedicated to making different aspects of financial aid easier to deal with.
• Q/A Section
We’ve made our FAQ better than ever with even more financial aid information for you to sink your teeth into.  The new Q & A section, accessible from the homepage, features popular queries and easily-digestible answers for anyone needing an easy go-to stop for financial aid info.  Hopefully, you all will help us to continually make this a great tool by submitting your own questions, too!

In addition to the makeover of the website, this blog has also been revamped!  A few changes include…

• Homepage Accessibility
Rather than looking around for the little blog icon we once had, new articles are now featured on the Go Financial Aid homepage.  The website features a “Latest From the Blog” section at the bottom of the page which will link users to our most recent headlines.
• Main Website Tie-In
Previously, the Go Financial Aid blog was hosted via Wordpress.  We have, however, said “adios” to WP and taken a new turn.  The blog is now conveniently linked directly to the website, thanks to our chosen platform which handles both the site and the blog.  What this means to you is just that you won’t leave the site anymore to visit the blog—it’s simply another page within the website!
• Social Media Connection
The Go Financial Aid blog as well as additional resources are now linked to both our Twitter and Facebook pages.  This is great news because now we can let you know via social media when there’s a new blog post!
• GFA Company News
Occasionally, Go Financial Aid has some REALLY big news that we have to share in a special way.  In these cases, such as articles and interviews about the company with the media or even this post about our new site, the blog post will show up in one other place of the website.  If you find yourself hungry for news about our company, head over to the “About” page, which has a “News and Events” section featuring these big articles.

Whew.  We told you we put a heck of a lot of work into this gift.  So, feel free to pour over everything discussed here, and be on the lookout for any other changes we may have forgotten to mention!  Go Financial Aid works hard to bring you the most complete solutions to financial aid questions!

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