Already sent in your FAFSA and realized you made some mistakes?  Don’t sweat it.  We’re human; we all make mistakes, and correcting them is easier than you’d think.  Making FAFSA corrections is a common necessity, and you can do it anytime.  Using the PIN number you get with your FAFSA, you can make fix your mistakes online by electronically submitting them through the FAFSA website.

If you lost your PIN or no longer remember it, you can request a duplicate.  However, if you request a duplicate or a new PIN, it takes one to three days to process the request, pushing back the time you can make your corrections just slightly.  If you can keep your PIN on hand or put it somewhere in case you forget it, that would help you make sure that you always have your number, so you don’t have to worry about going through the process of getting a new one in case you need to make corrections.

If you know you made a mistake on your FAFSA form, be sure to correct it.  Any errors such as incorrect responses or spaces left blank will result in you losing financial aid.  Be sure to double check everything before sending in your form.  If responses you entered have changed, it’s not an issue to go back and correct them, just make sure that you do!  You don’t want to risk losing valuable financial aid money.

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